Ofte stilte spørsmål

Ofte stilte spørsmål

Order Questions

When will i receive my ordrer?

1-3 days if you live in Norway
3-5 days if you are a international customer.

Is VAT included?

If you live in Norway, VAT is included.

If you live outside of Norway, VAT will automatically be removed when choosing English webshop and in checkout when selecting a adress outside of Norway.

What is the freight cost

For Norwegian customers freight is calculated by system based on weight and location you are living.

For international customers freight is depending on where you are located, you will get correct freight cost in checkout before payment.

How do i use a discount code

To use a discount code you add the products in shopping cart, then click the shopping cart and it will show the content.

Up to the right it says "+Discount Code", click this one, fill in the discount code and press "Add"

The discount is now activated.

How can i track my sent order?

When your order is shipped you will get a email with Delivery Confirmation attached, in this the carrier and trackingnumber is written.
Copy the trackingnumber and go to the carriers website to track order.
We use mainly following carriers:

On shipments to Norway:

On international shipments:

Group Discount?

If you plan to order for a group or event, please contact us by email and we find the best solution for you.

Can i pick up my order at your location in Norway?

Yes, when you order you can add a note to order that you want to pick it up yourself in our location, (Only for Norwegian customers), then you will get a pickup message when it is ready for pickup.
If you choose to pick up yourself, freight cost will be credited.

I ordered wrong, can i modify my order?

Yes, if you need to change anything on your order, please contact us and we will solve it for you.

How can i cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, either reply on the order confirmation email or send us a email with order number, we will solve it for you and you will be refunded at the same time.

Warranty and Returns

When can i use lifetime warranty on GSTgear Heat stoves?

If the stove body of your GSTgear Heat View has has a defect or something happens that should not happen after normal use, lifetime warranty is valid and we will replace or repair your GSTgear stove body free of charge.

If you have not ordered from our webshop www.gstgear.com, make sure to contact the seller of the product as we can not replace a product unless you are registered with the order in our system.

I want to return a product!

If you want to return a product, please contact us on email Support@gstgear.no and we will help you out and provide return adress.

Ambassadors and Sponsorships

Do you sponsor?

Yes, we do sponsor, but we do get many request so we go through sponsorships weekly.
We mainly sponsor special events, people planning special trips that will be documented and showed to the public or groups with outdoor focus.

Do you need Ambassadors?

We are always looking for good ambassadoors around the world, if you are intersted in becoming a ambassador, pleace contact us with following information:

Info about yourself:
Social media links:

Safety and Tips

Air inside packrafts summer and winter!

For safety reasons we recommended you to do following in summer (Hot days) and Winter (Cold days)

When Packraft is not in use, let some air out to prevent the heat to expand the air inside the packraft and potentially damage the packraft.

Before use in cold days:
Inflate the packraft, put it in the cold water and sit in it or strap gear on it while it is in the water, then bring it back to land and inflate it again incase the cold temperatures have contracted the air inside the packraft.

Information about this
"As the molecules heat and move faster, they are moving apart. So air, like most other substances, expands when heated and contracts when cooled. Because there is more space between the molecules, the air is less dense than the surrounding matter and the hot air floats upward."

What happens if i flip over?

In our packrafts it is very stable and low center of gravity so it is hard to flip over.

But if you are unlucky there is two options:

1. If you detach the spraydeck, the packraft will be self-bailing.
This means you will just fall out into the water if you flip over.

2. With our spraydeck equipped you just use your legs to push yourself away into the water.

When you then are in the water, we have two carry handles on the inside of the packrafts, they can be used to climb inside again.

This takes some practise and we recommend practising this in the summer or with a dry suit on close to land.


Stability, is the Packraft stable?

Short answer is yes, our packrafts is very stable with a high buoyancy because of the large tubes and size, at the same time low center of gravity of the paddler inside, and first time users as well as experienced user will feel this stability straight away when entering the water with our packrafts.

There is some tips we would like to share to ensure stability under use with heavy gear:

1. Ensure weight distribution is lowest possible and centered in the packraft.

2. Secure all gear to prevent it from moving around in the waves or when padling.

3. Adjust seat and backrest to be in full contact with you and sit forward for best possible weight distribution and response.

4. Make sure Packraft is fully inflated before you enter water.

Learn dog to be in packraft.

Packrafts has a floor that shapes and moves on the water under it, this can be challenging for dogs and make them jump out of the packraft.

The best way we have found with our Alaska Husky dogs that hates water, but still jumped out in the beginning, was to add a foam sleeping pad that we cut to the packraft and made floor more solid.
This in combination with treats it took a short while and dogs was feeling safe without a moving floor, then we removed the foam sleeping pad floor.

It only took 3 daytrips and now the dogs jumps in and out on command, use some time with the training and you can seek the adventure together with your dogs.

How to pack gear in the packraft

When you pack the packraft, make sure to keep weight centered and low point of gravity to keep maximum stability.

In our packrafts we have 6 Attachment points in front, 4 in the back and 2 leg attachments.
These comes in handy when you have alot of gear with you.

Backpack you put down in front with top pocket towards you so you can open the top or pockets on top for easy access while in the water.
Fasten the backpack with 1 strap at bottom and 1 on top straight over, make sure straps is behind the shoulderstraps so you can lift the backpack and carry the backpack and packraft without detaching it.

In the back you can strap foam sleeping pad, fishing equipment or a bag with gear you want fast access to with food etc so you do not have to detach main backpack in front.

If you have a small drybag with camera or other gear you can store it in front of your leg adjusters so it is well protected but still easy to get to.

The Seeker Packrafts has many attachment points to ensure that you can safely secure all the gear you might need even on long expeditions.

How to carry the Packraft on hikes.

When you are not in the water it is several ways of carrying the packraft.

If you are just hiking to another water, the packraft can be inflated and mounted on the backpack.

If you need to hike long distances or in the woods, then we recommend to deflate it and roll it up, fasten the included straps  around it, and fasten it on the backpack, paddles can be stored on side of backpack, then you will have a even weight distribution.

Product Questions GSTgear

What length Packraft should i choose?

Many choose a to big packraft so they have more space for gear, dogs and kids, this is why we in our packrafts we have added leg attachmentpoints so even if you have a to large packraft you can mount a strap and adjust to your length.

To find out the perfect size for you you can read under specifiations on our packrafts what inner length it is and then do following:

Sitting length can be measured by sitting in a comfortable position with back against the wall.
Stretch your legs all the way out and measure the length from the wall and out to the legs.
Then use the length you got and compare with our different Packrafts inner lengths.

Do your packrafts have spraydeck?

Yes, all our packrafts have standard spraydeck and sprayskirt included, spraydeck is  removable and replaceable if you want to paddle without or use a different version spraydeck like expedition spraydeck.

Should i choose 840 or 420 TPU packraft?

Both versions is high quality and handles beeing used in same locations.
840 and 420 is Denier, this is a measuring number that states thickness and Weight of the fabric.
The 840 has higher weight than the 420 but is more durable.

If you use a packraft much in tought conditions like rivers, fishing (hooks), icy conditions or camping with much gear, we recommend the Extreme packrafts with 840 TPU.
If you are hiking long distances, light camping or recreational use, the 420 TPU is a good choice to lower the weight.

What happens if i hit a rock?

Our packrafts is of high quality and the packraft can handle rocks and objects as it bounces off, and will keep you safe in the water.

You can offcourse be unlucky if you hit a sharp object in high speed so always see where you are going, and use special caution when going down rivers.

What happens when i register email on out of stock products?

When you see a product is out of stock, you can then register your email adress.
When our warehouse then rreceives the product you are registered on, you automatically will receive a notification that the product is back in stock.

Everyone that has registered email on this product will get notification on the same time, so we can not guarantee that when you check that is in stock still, as others may have already purchased the available stock.

What is the weight of the packraft?

Check specification page on the packrafts and there we have listed all specifications.
Weight is without accessories.

Is the Seeker Packrafts Self-Bailing?

Yes, you can make it become self bailing.
Our packrafts come as standard with removable spraydeck, this you can detach with the zippers and then the packraft will be self bailing.

If you have spraydeck on, you need to do a Wet-Exit.

How fast is a packraft?

Speed on our packrafts is offcourse depended on weather, gear weight, and how much you put into it, but we have tested this much and from our own numbers with experienced padlers and experienced together numbers is like this:

Lazy (Recreational): 2.8 - 3.2 KM/h
Cruising (Average paddling): 3.8 - 4 KM/h
Hard (Hard Paddling): 4.9 - 5.2 KM/h

How do i attach/detach Skeg / Fin?

Our Skeg / Fin is very easy to attach:

1. Flip packraft upside down.

2. Stand in the back where the Skeg/fin mount is.

3. Pull the Skeg / Fin in the track towards you. (the safety pin should be closest to you when entering)

4. Clip in the safety pin.

To detach, simply remove safety pin and push out the Skeg / Fin.

It is normal when you first receive the packraft that it can be hard to mount, this gets easier over time.

Bikerafting with The Seeker Extreme packraft?

Yes, Bikerafting can be done.

We do recommend using velcro straps to fasten the bike to be able to quick release the bike, and also pad the areas that will touch the packraft.

Can dogs be in The Seeker Extreme Packraft?

Yes, dogs can be in the packraft without any problems.